Tatuajes en El Prat de Llorbregat
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I am Walter Leivas and was born in Buenos Aires in the year 1974. My beginnings in the tattoo were by the 91/92 with rotary machines, was difficult to achieve material by then, until I bought me my first electromagnetic machine in the 96'.

In this same year opened Mr. Crowley Tattoo in Belgrano (Buenos Aires). In the meantime fuí evolving in style and technical, until in 1998 decided to begin to travel to obtain more experience, spent him the studio to the black Tony, my best fellow, the one who coordinated summers in Barcelona and Buenos Aires, working in the Dollar Tattoo and Mr. Crowley.

After a light go through New York, trip to Europe, Barcelona was my first fate, was working in the same centre of the city alternating with the coast in summer, went there where achieved soltura in the tattoo given the variety and quantity of work that taenia thanks to the world-wide tourism and the American marines. After working some months in Holland (Rotterdam) and others in Germany (Colony) decided to settle me in Barcelona.

In April of the 2008 opened again Mr. Crowley Tattoo in Barcelona (the Prat of Llobregat) was something that pending taenia go back to have my own studio, thanks to the birth of my son, Adriel, that gave me the incapie to make it.

Thank you By his visit and for any surgery ponganse in contact with me.

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